Welcome to Taprobane Seafood Group

Taprobane Seafood Group (TSG) is a 35 million dollar multinational company based in Sri Lanka. Over the last several years our company has seen extraordinary growth, and we’re excited about the future ahead

TSG’s flag ship company TSG, produces pasteurized crab meat, frozen and fresh tuna, shrimps and various other products for some of the most iconic seafood brands in the USA, EU & Japan. TSG also runs and operates its own, 100 MT ice factory, fleet of refrigerated trucks, black tiger hatchery and shrimp farm with over 60 ponds.

In 2014 TSG welcomed Taprobane Frozen Foods (TFF). TFF is a new state of the art IQF processing facility that is involved in the reprocessing of shrimps, fish and value addition products. In 2015 TSG will open a new processing facility which will include a 500 MT cold storage facility and a brand new frozen tuna processing line packing to cater for our customers’ demands.

Taprobane Seafoods Maldives (TSM) has been an integral part of TSG’s growth – TSM’s core business is the processing and shipping of high quality fresh YF tuna to the USA and EU market.

In 2015 TSG will open a sales and distribution company in the USA to help facilitate our company’s range of products. TSG’s processing plants are HACCP approved and regularly inspected by third part auditors. TSG is firmly committed to long term investment, and to support efforts for the sustainable management and utilization of the fishery resources, so as to create long term jobs, improve livelihoods and at the same time ensure a reasonable return on our investments.