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Red Snapper

Lutjanus campechanus refers to that which is known as the Red Snapper a prized commodity that is caught recreationally, as well as commercially. A reef fish it stays relatively close to the to the bottom of the ocean, inhabiting rocky bottom, ledges, ridges, and artificial reefs, including even offshore oil rigs and shipwrecks.

Featuring a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin and a laterally compressed body they are coloured a light red, with more intense pigmentation present on the back.

Common Name : Red Snapper
Latin Name : Lutjanus spp
Processing Methods : Whole GG, Fillets
Grades : Whole 1kg Up
Fillets 150 grams Up
Packing : Whole fish is individually wrapped in poly bag and packed in 20kg styro foam boxes
Fillets vacuum packed and packed in 20Kg styro foam boxes with gel ice.