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Xiphias gladius is the illustrious Swordfish that makes its home in temperate and tropic waters.

Characterized by a long, flat bill their back color varies from black to grayish blue to brown to metallic purple or bronze with dusky sides and a dirty white underbelly. The Swordfish has an elongated shape, with a round body, and lose all teeth and scales by adulthood. They reach a maximum size of 455 centimeters (177 inches) and 650 kilograms (1,400 lb), with the female always being the larger of the two.

TSG only receives this product if it is over the 20 kilogram mark. Once it is delivered by iced reefer trucks it is put through the usual rigorous checks, including that for freshness and mercury, before being processed and packed to meet all quality standards.

Common Name : Sword Fish
Latin Name : Xiphias gladius
Processing Methods : Loins
Grades : Mid Cut
Packing : Vacuum packed and packed in 25-30Kg styro foam boxes with gel ice