Frozen Products


Portunus pelagicus, better known as the blue swimmer crab, blue manna crab or sand crab, is a sizeable crab found in the intertidal estuaries of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and is considered to be a delicacy throughout Asia due to its flavor and texture.

The males’ sport a bright blue color, speckled with white spots, and characteristically have long chelipeds, while the females are of a duller green/brown, with a more rounded carapace.

The Blue Swimmer Crab is one of TSG main products, caught chiefly using the trapping method by outboard engine boats in and around the harbor of Mannar. It has a peak season from August – April but is known for being an all-year round product.

Common Name : Blue Swimming Crab
Latin Name : Portunus pelgicus
Wild / Farm : Wild
Processing Methods : Half Cut
Grades : U10 , 11/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30
Freezing Method : Block Frozen , IQF
Packing : 1Kg Block x 12 per Master Carton