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Thondi Squid

Squid or Calamari, as they are referred to in the European world, represents a major fishery resource, one which is widely distributed throughout the oceans of the world. Squids have a light, subtle taste in its firm yet tender meat. That along with its high recovery rate, makes it a popular product in the locales of Japan, United States, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France, Spain.

Arrow shaped with eight tentacles, short-finned squid tend to reach a total body length of more than 60 cm. Along with large, well-developed eyes and a strong parrot-like beak they generally have a mixed, iridescent coloration of milky white and rusty brown, which can rapidly change according to their needs in terms of camouflage or attack.

Common Name : Thondi Squid / Broad Squid
Latin Name : Loligo Spp
Processing Methods : Whole Uncleaned, Tubes , Tubes & Tentacles, Fillets
Grades : U1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-5, 5-10, 10-20
Freezing Method : Block Frozen , IQF
Packing : 2kgs Block x 6 per Master Carton
4kg Block x 5 per Master Carton
2Kg IQF Bag x 10 per Master Carton