Frozen Products


Thunnus albacares, or Yellowfin Tuna, is found in open waters of tropical and subtropical seas worldwide and is fast becoming a popular replacement for the regular Bluefin Tuna.

Their name comes from the bright yellow dorsal and anal fins that adorn their dark metallic blue body before it changes to silver on their belly.

Yellowfin Tuna is the largest seafood product to be exported from Sri Lanka. Fished for all year round by long-line vessels, that has a turn-around period ranging from 1 to 10 days.

Our network of suppliers includes over a 100 registered long-line vessels that fish from all the major harbours of Sri Lanka, a method that has proven to ensure the safety of the dolphin population. Once caught the product is immediately gilled, gutted and bled properly before being iced. Upon reaching the harbour it is transferred on ice into reefer trucks for transport to the factory.

At the factory, a series of quality checks are immediately run to ascertain the colour, freshness, smell, temperature, texture of meat and histamine levels of the product before it is accepted for processing. Regular checks for any heavy metal or microbiology are also conducted by our experienced and qualified graders and quality control officers.

Common Name : Yellow Fin Tuna
Latin Name : Thunnus albacares
Wild / Farm : Wild
Processing Methods : Loins , Whole Round, H&G
Grades : Saku AAA, AA, A
4, 6, 8, 10, 12 oz
3-5, 5-8 Kg
Cubes 1lb
Ground Meat
Freezing Method : IQF
Packing : Individually vacume packed and packed in corrugated cartons.